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​A.M. Benis, ScD, MD
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Our premise is that genes involved in the causation of personality traits are also involved in the expression of eczema. You can help by taking our personality test.

eBook description:

Breaking the Itch-Scratch Cycle of Eczema by Behavior Modification 

Amazon/Kindle Edition
by Doctor Bee, M.D. (Author)

The eBook, offered free of charge, is intended for individuals in whom the itch-scratch cycle has been a persistent problem. It is most likely to be of aid to those who have certain problem areas of the body where localized inflammation and skin breakdown have occurred. Our method is based on "behavior modification" that uses redirection of the focus from the troublesome areas of the body to the location of the hands, thus blocking the stimulus of itching. The method was developed by a physician who was himself afflicted and was not able to alleviate his condition by traditional therapy. The method can be started without delay and does not require any changes in current therapy or in lifestyle. Book 36 pp. when printed; two color illustrations, summary, glossary, about the author.

Basis of behavior modification

Our premise is that the sensation itching can be "blocked" by requiring the brain to process alternative stimuli having higher priorities. We make reference to the work of the neurosurgeon, Wilder Penfield, who showed many years ago that feeling and motion of the hands and face require a disproportionate amount of brain function. Thus, our method entails 1) the blocking if the sensation of itching in order to break the feedback loop of the itch-scratch cycle, and 2) techniques of positive reinforcement so that the perceived necessity to scratch is eliminated.

Eczema and personality type

If one does a search of the literature on the association of eczema, or atopic dermatitis, with personality traits, one quickly finds that for decades there has been stream of studies that implicate such an association, to the point that eczema is sometimes even purported to be a "psychosomatic disease" that merits a "psychoanalytic theory". Our more modern approach is a supposition that there may be so-called "pleiotropic genes" that may be involved in both the cause of eczema as well as being involved in the expression of personality traits.

Other conditions relating to personality

There are many conditions, as well as diseases, that have hypothetical association with personality traits. Besides eczema, we are particularly interested in LGBT orientation, bipolar and panic disorder, narcissistic, borderline and obsessive compulsive disorder, parents of children with autism or Down's syndrome, as well as many common diseases. 

The personality test

Our  test is called the "NPA personality test" and is based on character traits that are posited to have a genetic basis. If you wish to learn more about the "NPA theory of personality" and the discrete character types that arise from the model, click on the links are the head if this page. However, to avoid bias, please take the personality test before reading about the theory of character types,

If you decide to take the personality test, at the bottom of the page there is a drop-down list of common conditions, and there is a space for any additional comments that you might have.

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